Observable behaviour change in remote meetings

Remote working is rapidly becoming the norm.

You’re most likely to be giving a presentation to a virtual room full of colleagues or clients from your kitchen table or home study now. 

Gone are the teething problems of getting Zoom to play ball and making sure that your camera doesn’t stare up your nose. You’ve negotiated bandwidth rights with your better half or kids, And although Fido may not quite understand that it’s not ok to jump on you while the camera is on, you’ve got this. The new working norm is coming together and is feeling more manageable now.

How confident are you on camera?

But even though you’ve established a workable remote set up, are you confident that you’re presenting your best self on camera? Would you like to understand how to take control of how others perceive you in any virtual setting?

See yourself through others eyes

The great news is you can work on improving observable behaviour change whether that’s in a face-to-face or virtual setting very easily. We all project different versions of ourselves at work. Understanding some tricks and techniques can help you feel more confident in projecting your authentic, best self in any remote meeting. And with practice, it will soon become second nature to you.

How to control the way you’re perceived

The core of our unique behaviour change process is helping people understand that they can control the way they present themselves to the world, with maximum effect, wherever and whenever they need to. 

You can watch Pia one of our highly experienced trainer’s show you how this is done below:



Our Virtual Behaviour Change programmes help companies react swiftly to support their workers in the transition from working successfully with others in a face-to-face office environment to communicating effectively in a virtual setting and help make remote working a fulfilling, productive, and positive working experience.