Making virtual meetings effective and successful – every time

Right now circumstances mean that many of us are either choosing to or being forced to work from home. However, most business professionals haven’t been trained in how to deliver effective communications in the once-removed reality of virtual meetings.

So, how can we avoid this affecting performance and drive productivity in any virtual meeting?

Whether using their voice to hook and excite a radio audience or projecting themselves into a lens of a camera actors have perfected how to communicate to an audience through technology, even if they aren’t there in person. 

We have translated the secret skills actors use to empower business professionals to consistently engage, energise and inspire any audience.

Our new modules are designed to help companies react swiftly to support people in this transition. From working successfully with others in face-to-face environments to remote meetings. We deliver the behaviours which ensure that no one’s communication is compromised by technology and enable brilliant virtual communication.

Experience Our Remote Learning

Virtual behaviour change with The Method provides you as a learner, with a unique ability to practise and embed new skills and behaviours in the workplace WHEREVER that might be.

We have taken our powerful behaviour process into the virtual space with this innovative series of virtual learning programmes that focus on building exceptional communicators using a combination of Webinars, Rehearsal App and Remote Coaching to transform you.

Delivered 100% Remotely Our Programmes include:

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