Is Immersive Learning the Next Logical Step in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training?

It goes without saying, that organisations that create and nurture a diverse and equitable culture within the workplace will benefit greatly in terms of employee motivation, growth, and innovation (the statistics show there is a clear business case to do so!). The question, however, is how to create a memorable learning experience with long-lasting effects that can be rolled out throughout the whole company

Underwater immersion

With experience delivering immersive learning experiences to over 7000 participants, in 55 countries, in multiple languages, The Method have applied our expertise in creating immersive learning experiences to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with amazing results.

What is ‘Immersion’?

We are immersed ‘in’ something when we feel engaged by a new reality that is different from our usual day-to-day one.

We talk of being immersed when we experience a sensation of deep concentration and time passing quickly – be it when we engage with new experiences, situations, cultures, environments, or specific tasks like learning new skills or participating in our hobbies.

For example, the arts are immersive. We have all read a book, listened to music, or watched a film or play that has made time pass quickly and left a lasting impression.

And because immersive learning addresses multiple learning styles simultaneously it delivers total engagement, profound learning, and proven results.

What are the benefits of immersive learning for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

Whether your workforce is already engaged with D,E&I or if they may feel that DE&I is moving too quickly and haven’t yet got handle on it, when approached correctly, immersive learning allows participants to explore sensitive topics in a safe and controlled environment.

One such example is through our powerful, real ‘page turning’ stories that illustrate how someone has said or done something in a way that has upset someone else – BUT in each story participants can’t easily condemn the person, the stories are not about blatant or bigoted prejudices but are designed to heighten individual awareness about how the unconscious biases we can all carry can sometimes reveal itself, and the effect that can have on others.

Immersive experiences provide a powerful, engaging and memorable simulation in which participants explore the impact of D,E&I issues people face in the workplace first-hand, driving positive change – and the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 95% Agreed they now THINK differently about the DE&I issues people may face
  • 91% Agreed they now FEEL differently about the DE&I challenges people may face
  • 98% Agreed they will ACT or do something differently as a result of taking part in this experience

Immersive learning empowers every participant to understand (and action) that from tomorrow – with the people you know and work with – “A small change of behaviour by you, can make a big difference for others.”

The best way to learn about immersive experiences is to try one for yourself.