Impact video mini-series – Impactful Voice part 4

Robert Welling our Communications Trainer explains why impact is so important and shares some great insights into how you can be more impactful in both your personal and business life in our 4 part mini-video series on Impact.

Part 4 – How to use your impactful voice

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There are certain people we instantly trust and want to listen to, aren’t there?

Actors understand how to use this skill to draw an audience in, but can you access it too? The answer is yes.

As an audience we have a gene that tells us that if something is louder it’s usually worth listening to. Confident people deliver their messages with real strength and clarity. So ask yourself, could I be louder? The answer is almost certainly yes.

Challenge yourself today, to work your words harder than you would. Give more volume to your voice, this way your messages are sure to land and will have a huge impact in the workplace and beyond.

Thank you for watching our video mini-series and if you missed the previous videos you can watch them here – Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

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