How to handle difficult conversations

For most of us conflict is something that we avoid at all costs and having difficult conversations is never something to look forward to.

However, doing this virtually can be even harder, and when the adrenaline kicks in our behaviours can often let us down. Channelling the appropriate behaviours in a digital or remote setting can be extremely challenging.

The session was well structured, engaging and very informative. I really enjoyed how often the instructor focused on the workplace and collaborating between the attendees to resolve any issues we find and help us be at our best.

Samuel Babalola, Business Support Officer, HSBC

But one group of people that are masters of this – actors. They are able to control their behaviours even under intense pressure and scrutiny to deliver top performance through the lens of a camera.

Participants who attend our Handle Difficult Conversations module are able to effectively prepare for and confidently handle difficult conversations, use supportive sentences and avoid the use of emotional language when having difficult conversations. Maintain a clear focus and objectivity when confronted with adversity and control their behaviours as confidently and calmly as an actor does under pressure.

During this module our expert coaches share best practice theory and technique with participants. We also employ professional actors to help embed new skills so that you can go back into the workplace confident when dealing with conflict.

Want some quick tips on how to handle these tough conversations? We run regular teaser sessions to introduce you to The Method’s fresh approach to training and professional development.