How to create authentic business values

Values are important, but how do you translate them from intangible qualities into everyday business behaviours?

We apply the actors unique process for embodying a new character to help translate your values into the behaviours that deliver successful performance in your role or organisation.

If you’re not aligned to your values it’s likely that you’re not aligned to the businesses either.

Employees that aren’t can feel a sense of attachment and their quality of work is definitely impacted. Without an authentic personal brand you’ll struggle to find your own personal business identity .

At our Authentic Business Values programmes participants learn exactly how to:

  • define and authentic personal brand
  • bring the company values to life in both everyday language and behaviour
  • make conscious changes in behaviour to embody leadership values and improve performance

Our Authentic Business Values modules

We have ten fantastic modules that can be delivered alone or mixed and matched with any of our other modules to create dynamic programmes that will accelerate behaviour change and deliver top performance. Each programme will of course be tailored to meet your specific challenges.

Excellent experience, some good “tag” lines like “extra daily” etc. and networking element was extremely useful.

Carolyn Folley, Head of Quality Submission Programme

Good experience in reaffirming who we are as individuals and being mindful of behaviour in different situations.

Karen Linsley, Senior Partnership Development Manager