How to authentically influence any business relationship

Some business relationships come naturally, but most have to be nurtured. Actors can technically build authentic and trusting relationships between themselves and other characters, even if they’ve only just walked on to set.

Not being able to adapt your communication style either internally or externally can be a huge problem. If you are unable to build successful business relationships at a variety of levels you’re not going to be influencing and can’t positively affect the business.

Many people lack confidence on camera

Even though we may be spending more time on video calls, being confident in front of a camera may not come naturally to us. This can often mean your message gets lost.

Participants who attend an Influence at all Levels programme are able to flex their communication style authentically and quickly so that they can successfully influence a range of personality types. They can relate well to all kinds of people at all levels inside and outside the organisation. And they’re able to engender confidence, trust and credibility when communicating any business message.

Our Influence at All Levels modules

We have six fantastic modules that can be delivered alone or mixed and matched with any of our other modules to create dynamic programmes that will accelerate behaviour change and deliver top performance. Each programme will of course be tailored to meet your specific challenges.

Fantastic couple of days – really improved my confidence generally and particularly with presentations! Thank you, Syane!

Caroline Graham, HR Data Protection Administrator, BAE Systems

Bring continuity to holding virtual meetings.

Ched Hill, Area Business Manager, Biogen