Has coronavirus transformed how we communicate for the better?

There is no question about it, the coronavirus pandemic is making many of us learn very quickly how to work effectively from home.

Getting to grips with remote working

Whether that’s grappling with the technical video call ‘gremlins’, paying more attention to how to ‘stage’ your ‘on-camera’ look. (Best Virtual Background Challenge, anyone?) Or whether it’s struggling with a lack of connection with work colleagues, general motivation or worries around work productivity and security. For many, the pain is very real.

For many of us, we’ve been thrown in at a very deep end. We’re desperately paddling to just keep our heads above a highly unknown and often worryingly changeable sea.

The need to quickly adapt to unprecedented change

On the flip side, it’s also been heartwarming to see how quickly we’ve adapted to this very unfamiliar situation we’ve found ourselves in.

As the wonderful Stephen Hawking once said ‘Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Learning delivery has had to pivot

We, like many training and L & D providers, have had to quickly adapt to changes in the training market that have meant a dramatic pivot in the delivery of learning from our clients from face-to-face to more remote solutions.

Fortunately for us, we were already offering our learning and development solutions with either face-to-face or virtual options, or as often requested by clients, a mix of both. We also offer a fantastic Rehearsal Mobile App which is a powerful way to safely practice and embed new behaviours in the work environment.

Virtual Behaviour Change by The Method

In response to overwhelming demand from our clients, we also launched a range of 100% remotely delivered programmes to help address the lack of training most business professionals have in how to deliver effective communications in the once-removed reality of ‘virtual’ meetings. We were delighted at the success of their launch last week with over 200 participants benefitting. And some great feedback too:

‘I found it very useful and have already been able to apply some of the techniques to a call I had this morning … I would recommend it to anyone who needs to give frequent customer video calls.’ Howard Philips, National Sales Consultant, Olympus Medical

Our Virtual Behaviour Change programmes help companies react swiftly to support their workers in the transition from working successfully with others in a face-to-face office environment to communicating effectively in a virtual setting and help make remote working a fulfilling, productive and positive working experience.

These innovative virtual learning programmes are not only top tips to improve, they truly drive behaviour change through multiple delivery formats, including:

Have Fantastic Impact in Virtual Meetings 19th May 2020

The next ‘Have Fantastic Impact in Virtual Meetings’ starts on 19th May 2020 – you can find out more and book your places HERE.

We also offer all our Virtual Behaviour Change programmes on an in-house basis – if that’s of interest please get in Contact HERE.