How to improve your eye contact for more effective virtual meetings

Why eye contact is the key in online communications

Maintaining eye contact in any business meeting is hugely important, but especially so if that meeting is via a remote video call.

Camera position is important

The strong temptation for most people in video meetings is to look at other people’s pictures or video when they are talking. But, while this may feel like you’re making eye contact with that person, it doesn’t read like your making eye contact to that person, or to any one else on the call actually. It can feel like you’re not paying attention at all!

It may feel strange at first but it is really important to get into the habit of where your gaze is directed on a video call. Position your camera so that your face and eyes are forward facing and your face is illuminated, look into the lens and show that you really are paying attention to what people are saying.

Why is eye contact in business communication so important?

Eye contact is important whether it’s in a face-to-face or virtual setting, because it’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to build relationships with another person. And building good relationships in business not only facilitates effective communication, but also the trust that you often need to do great business.

Our eye contact communicates trust

Our eyes are a key source of our vulnerability and at their strongest, help convey trust. More often than not people fall into the trap of not giving enough or any eye contact at all.

At The Method we understand that being decided on what you want to project is absolutely key. So next time you meet with someone be decided on what it is you want to project, whether it’s warmth, confidence or authority. And also hold that eye contact for twice as long as you usually would. It sounds scary but try to challenges yourself today and see the results that you can get.

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