Communication styles – how to flex yours to fit with others

The ability to flex and quickly adapt within the four main communication styles is very helpful when it comes to communicating and influencing at work.

In this video one of our most experienced trainers, Maria takes an example of one message and translates it into each of the four main communication styles for you. Which one resonates best with you?

Confidently influence and flex your communication style – one day programme

Being able to effectively influence any stakeholder whether that’s in your business, your industry or your client base is a key skill to achieving any personal or commercial goals.

If you or any of your team would like to improve on your communication styles skills in this area our one day programme delivered in-house may be of interest.

Confidently Influence and Flex your Style provides a unique set of techniques that will empower you to flex and adjust your communication styles to appeal to anyone and deliver great results every time. The morning session is devoted to understanding influence and communication types.  The afternoon session shows you how to effectively master influence and flex your own style with confidence.

Key training outcomes include

  • Identify your communication styles type
  • Adapt your behaviours to influence others
  • Understand why people respond the way they do
  • Recognise the positive and negative behaviours of different communications styles
  • Relate well to all kinds of people

Interested? You can view the programme here.

Confidently influence and Flex your Style is part of our Influence and Flex performance area. If you’d like to find out more Sign up for a taster session, add the module to an enquiry or get in touch and we’ll help you select the correct behaviours.