Benefits of improving confidence in the workplace

We all want to come across as more confident. We are amazed to hear some of our feedback from participants who take our modules stay composed and project confidence who, in their feedback, outline some of the amazing ways they can apply their new, observable skills. 

As with further developing a team-member with technical skills, empowering them to be more confident can have amazing benefits for their team, as well as just the individual. We explore just some of those benefits below: 

I’ve gone away feeling I can be more confident and deliver with conviction.

Kate Patton, Sales Consultant, McCarthy & Stone

Diversity of ideas 

We love diversity at The Method, and this includes in the diversity of ideas. Team members from all levels and departments have ideas that can amaze and inspire. More confident individuals will be more willing to speak up and contribute their ideas when brainstorming, or even amaze you by reaching out proactively. 

Take, for example, the Sony Playstation. Junior employee Ken Kutaragi pitched the concept of a games console to Sony (who at the time did not produce consoles) and the idea was initially refused. Confident that his idea would work, he returned with a clear plan and eventually this led to the first Sony Playstation – with the latest model (Playstation 5) selling over 25 million units.

We cannot guarantee your team will come up with the new Playstation however, when combined, our stay composed and project confidence and be more persuasive masterclass modules unlock the practical skills needed to contribute and share ideas with impact and confidence.

Portrait of group of successful businesspeople happy at work

Better teamwork 

We have explored in a previous article the benefits of team cohesion. A confident team are more willing to communicate together sharing updates, feedback (positive and constructive) and trust each other better. 

A high performing team working towards shared goals will be more efficient, creative, and motivated – and the impact is likely to snowball as they see the results! 

Get in touch with us for more information on unlocking the values of a high-performing team. 

Confidence increases motivation and performance 

Have you noticed how confident people always seem to have a smile on their face? Research by job search site Indeed found that 94% of employees said they were happier when they felt confident in the workplace which in turn, has a major effect on workplace culture.  

With such an impact on motivation, performance and team cohesion, it is clear why many leading organisations are empowering their employees and encouraging them to be more confident within their roles – no matter their roles. 

Need help projecting confidence? 

The great news is that confidence can be learned.  

Our module stay composed and project confidence reveals the techniques actors use to exude confidence even under the pressure of live performance. You’ll discover simple, replicable skills that will help you to instantly project confidence and positivity, feel more empowered in any challenging business situation and increase success and happiness at work. 

Participants will be able to: 

  • Contribute more confidently in discussions, team meetings and client engagements 
  • Stop the fear of failure inhibiting performance 
  • Maintain composure under pressure 
  • Project confidence and be more at ease in social and business situations 
  • Communicate more easily with others 
  • Increase confidence in challenging situations 
  • Face up to any problem person or situation quickly and directly 

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