Tell stories and bring ideas to life

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.

Muriel Rukeyser

A good story demands that once a listener hears the beginning, they want to find out the middle and then, must go on and hear the end.

This module reveals how writers structure a story, so it engages the fundamental driver of the human imagination – the need to know what happens next.

Participants discover how narrative conventions that technically craft a “cracking story” can be applied to delivering business messages that appeal, surprise and engage listeners in any virtual or face-to-face meeting or conversation.

Participant Outcomes:

  • Make my key messages and ideas more memorable
  • Structure a business message to appeal to and surprise listeners
  • Create engaging narratives around my ideas and key messages
  • Inspire and motivate people more effectively
  • Communicate a message or idea in a manner that generates enthusiasm
  • Paint compelling and convincing pictures that people can engage with
  • Communicate your ideas through story so they are more memorable and easier to share
  • Use stories to deliver engaging messages or ideas
  • Structure a message to guarantee engagement
  • Use the language of stories to inspire others
  • Use storytelling structure to guarantee positive and engaging delivery of key messages and ideas

Delivery Methods:

  1. Learning workshop
  2. Behaviour change workshop
  3. Embedding products
  4. Coaching
  5. Testing

What our clients say

Good sessions that link nicely with our company value selling and give more focus on creating an impact.

Graeme Cowlyn, KCM VTE/AF, BMS

Excellent experience, some good “tag” lines like “extra daily” etc. and networking element was extremely useful.