Sell a vision

You can’t tell a joke if you don’t know the punchline.

David Mamet

Stories are engaging and memorable because they offer something most business messages don’t – participation.

This module examines how stories appeal to the most basic of human needs – to explain the world around you and realistically predict what the future holds.

Whether you want to simplify future strategy or if you have to cascade a complex business message, you will learn how to use the principles of storytelling to describe a vivid and compelling vision of the business future in a clear and actionable way.

Participants discover how to structure the delivery of a “story” to motivate others about the future, generate enthusiasm and commitment and get increased buy-in to new ideas and strategies in any virtual or face-to-face meeting or presentation.

Participants outcomes:

  • Communicate a compelling business vision, which generates excitement, enthusiasm, and commitment
  • Use an engaging narrative to inspire and motivate people more effectively
  • Paint compelling and convincing pictures that people buy into
  • Create engaging narratives around my ideas and the changes they will bring
  • Communicate my ideas through stories so they are more memorable and easier to share
  • Improve communication of my key messages and ideas

Delivery Methods:

  1. Learning workshop
  2. Behaviour change workshop
  3. Embedding products
  4. Coaching
  5. Testing

What our clients say

It has been valuable with the switch to more virtual interactions just to focus on the physical aspects during rehearsal – trying different lighting / camera angles / audio options – getting this right means you can focus your energy into what you are saying.

Dawn Wilson, Senior Area Business Manager, Biogen

I learned a lot in a very short session. All very practical and easy to apply when you practice and remind yourself of the Method.