Run virtual meetings that build team morale

It may be a good thing to copy reality; but to invent reality is much, much better.

Giuseppe Verdi

This module provides the skills and techniques to prepare and structure fun, engaging and effective virtual team meetings.

Participants learn how to plan and prepare meeting strategies to bridge the technological gap and make virtual team meetings a more fun, productive and engaging experience.

Participants outcomes:

  • Understand the processes and tools for effective virtual meetings
  • Run engaging and interactive remote meetings
  • Plan and prepare for effective remote meetings
  • Understand the remote format and what I must do differently when people don’t meet face to face
  • Ensure attendees understand the role they will be expected to play on a call
  • Maintain control and keep everybody participating and involved on conference or video calls
  • Understand how to establish effective meeting behaviours with all attendees
  • Structure my meeting to gain commitment and get the result I need
  • Circulate an agreed agenda prior to the meeting
  • Ensure attendees understand the importance of the meeting
  • Ensure attendees understand the role they will be expected to play
  • Ensure attendees understand the preparation they need to do before the meeting
  • Analyse and identify future improvements to remote meetings
  • Give attendees feedback to support them in improving their contribution for the next meeting

Delivery Methods:

  1. Learning workshops
  2. Embedding products

What our clients say

Overall it was a good experience and altogether a different kind of training that I haven’t come across so far.