Run effective mentoring sessions

To teach is to learn.

Japanese Proverb

This module provides you with the templates and skills to plan and prepare to be a credible and dynamic mentor for people within your organisation or network.

Participants discover the best practice skills for mentors to define and initiate progressive relationship and start running engaging and effective sessions to create ongoing and mutually beneficial mentoring relationships.

Participants outcomes:

  • Clarify what my potential mentees might require and expect from the mentoring process
  • Develop clear, agreed plans to meet required outcomes and mentee goals
  • Understand the resources and environment required to deliver successful sessions
  • Understand how to monitor progress and provide feedback to improve performance
  • Recognise how my own values, behaviours, attitudes and emotional awareness affects relationships with mentees
  • Build a relationship and understanding that enables my mentee to feel at ease and develop confidence and self-esteem
  • Facilitate mentee’s access to the information, people and resources they require for their development
  • Provide effective mentoring advice based on my own knowledge and experience
  • Help mentees reflect on their progress and articulate their thoughts and feelings about it
  • Establish with mentees the timescale, location, frequency and duration of meetings
  • Establish with mentees how progress will be measured and assessed
  • Monitor mentees progress and provide specific feedback designed to improve their performance
  • Agree the stakeholder requirements benchmarks and measures which can be met by mentoring
  • Jointly agree, record and continuously update the coaching or mentoring agreement
  • Agree with individuals when they no longer require mentoring
  • Show respect for the mentees strengths, needs and learning preferences
  • Agree with mentees appropriate benchmarks for review and evaluation and measures of success
  • Agree ground rules of engagement, operational and resource requirements to achieve the anticipated benefits and expected outcomes

Delivery Methods:

  1. Learning workshop
  2. Embedding products

What our clients say

Participants always love the approach, whether they are graduates or senior managers. The system is simple but the results are amazing – I fully endorse them as a trusted training partner and strongly recommend them if you want a training programme that genuinely improves performance.