Plan and manage team objectives

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In this Module…

Participants discover how to ensure that objectives are delivered on time and that teams are developed through growing their performance capabilities month on month.

Participants outcomes:

  • Accurately scope out the length and difficulty of tasks and projects
  • Organise people and their activities to deliver a strategic plan
  • Separate and combine tasks into efficient work flow
  • Set clear objectives and goals
  • Break down plans into actionable steps
  • Involve team members in planning how the team will achieve its objectives
  • Ensure team member have personal work objectives and they understand how these contribute to the wider team achievement
  • Measure performance against timelines and milestones
  • Promote team effectiveness
  • Simplify complex processes and get more from fewer resources
  • Clearly and comfortably delegate both routine and important tasks and decisions
  • Set stretching objectives
  • Encourage team members to ask questions, make suggestions and seek clarification in relation to the work
  • Brief team members on work and the standard of expected performance
  • Clearly articulate the purpose of the team and what it must achieve
  • Hold people to account for the delivery of their objectives
  • Set out and positively communicate the purpose and objectives of the team
  • Agree challenging but achievable objectives
  • Prioritise objectives and plan work to make effective use of time and resources
  • Work towards a clearly defined vision of the future
  • Encourage and support team members to achieve their personal work objectives and those of the team
  • Provide public and private recognition when objectives have been achieved

Delivery Methods:

  1. Learning workshop
  2. Embedding products

What our clients say

The method is innovative, practical and transformational – the programmes make a genuine difference to our people. If you want to invest in training that delivers tangible results, I cannot recommend them highly enough.