Maximise my personal impact

The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

Actors are experts at building positive face-to-face human relationships with the performers acting in front of them, even if they don’t “naturally” get on well.

This module equips you with the skills and behaviours you need to present professional excellence and communicate with more power, presence and authority in face-to-face business situations.

Participants discover simple but revelatory behaviours that empower them to project conviction and confidence and speak more impactfully – making messages easier to understand, engaging people more effectively and dynamising any conversation or meeting.

Participant outcomes: 

  • Feel more confident and capable when communicating
  • Make an audience sit up, listen and take what I am saying seriously
  • Make any spoken message interesting and engaging
  • Project positivity in any one-on-one business situation
  • Be comfortable holding eye contact and attention
  • Be more believable, enthusiastic, passionate and inspiring
  • Hold people’s attention in every interaction
  • Come across as open and relaxed in meeting situations
  • Get my ideas heard and increase my profile
  • Make a lasting, positive impact when communicating to all levels of seniority
  • Be more comfortable in meetings
  • Use the power of my voice to ensure the audience take what I am saying seriously

Delivery Methods

  1. Learning workshop
  2. Behaviour change workshop
  3. Embedding products
  4. Coaching
  5. Testing

What our clients say

A very worthwhile exercise. I’m more likely to use the tools/practices going forward than I have in the past after attending some training sessions.

Adrian Murphy, IT Project Manager, Amey

Engaging program. Great skill based session that showed instant improvement.

Jason Green, Associate Director Sales, Biogen

Participants always love the approach, whether they are graduates or senior managers. The system is simple but the results are amazing – I fully endorse them as a trusted training partner and strongly recommend them if you want a training programme that genuinely improves performance.