Bring data to life

The truth is more important than the facts.

Frank Lloyd Wright

This module uses the power of storytelling to help you bring to life the important data in any virtual or face-to-face sales presentation.

Participants discover how to apply powerful narrative techniques to convert dry or complex facts into relevant, compelling human “stories” that will engage an audience’s interest and make important data more memorable.

Participants outcomes:

  • Make data or technical information engaging
  • Use storytelling structure to communicate data effectively
  • Identify how data relates to human benefit and effectively structure it into an engaging narrative
  • Tell engaging stories to bring data and messages to life
  • Develop interesting stories to illustrate key information
  • Use stories to grab the attention of my audience when communicating data
  • Use memorable stories to tell the audience the fundamental benefits of the data
  • Revitalise dry but important data content
  • Make the client understand how the data reflects tangible, human benefits
  • Relate any data to human benefits

What our clients say

Good introduction to presentation ideas that I would not have considered on my own.

Christine McGowan, NBM, Biogen

Very insightful and useful. Will help me better succeed in the workplace.

Annabel Parkinson, Walgreen Boots

Very simple but powerful skills, which can be applied to our everyday work! They were also very well taught!