Be an exceptional exhibition representative

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.


Trade fairs and exhibitions are a major investment of time, money and effort. Don’t let your opportunities walk past.

This module ensures on-stand teams are prepared and inspired to maximise return from your next virtual or face-to-face exhibition or event by representing their brand in the most positive light and delivering an effective and impactful stand experience all day.

Participants define their personal purpose and performance targets and understand the company measures for a successful event. They learn a unique conversational model to use marketing collaterals to engage more delegates. Such as qualifying customers quickly, disengaging when necessary, delivering key messages clearly and effectively securing data or commitment to turn stand conversations into high quality leads and/or on-stand sales.

Participants outcomes:

  • Get more leads and contact details
  • Exude a positive professional manner in every interaction
  • Be more confident in delivering a call to action and/or asking for contact details or a follow up meeting
  • Confidently approach more people, break the ice comfortably and ask the right questions
  • Increase lead quality by qualifying potential leads efficiently
  • Deliver key messages authentically and effortlessly in every conversation
  • Define stand etiquette and identify best practice “Do’s” and “Don’ts”
  • Represent the brand with positivity and charisma from beginning to end
  • Use the stand and materials effectively to demonstrate in-depth knowledge
  • Identify both business and personal targets for the event
  • Identify and avoid negative behaviours
  • Understand the dress code for the event
  • Know who to go to for help during the event
  • Quickly disengage from unproductive conversations
  • Use planned questions to open detailed conversation about customer needs

Delivery Methods:

  1. Learning workshop
  2. Behaviour Change Workshop
  3. Embedding
  4. Testing

What our clients say

It was a very engaging session that enabled time for participants to also engage. There were a number of methods that were shared during the session, and it was good that we were then able to roll play these after learning each method.