Be a trusted advisor module

Make a customer, not a sale.

Katherine Barchetti

This module deconstructs the intangible quality of “trust” and equips you with the skills and behaviours of the trusted sales adviser in any virtual or face-to-face sales relationship.

Participants discover the strategies and behaviours to nurture trust and rapport and develop sales relationships that are respectful, credible and beneficial – ensuring long term benefits for both parties.

Participants outcomes:

  • Act in a way that displays I am honest, sincere and ethical in my sales approach
  • Embody the behaviours of “trust” and leave a positive sales impact in every interaction
  • Embody enthusiasm, trust and credibility when communicating
  • Project empathy and care to build positive, lasting relationships

Delivery Methods:

  1. Learning workshop
  2. Behaviour Change Workshop
  3. Embedding
  4. Testing