Be a brilliant negotiator

About the time we think we can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends.

Herbert Hoover

This module reveals the philosophy, strategies and behaviours required to enable you to prepare, structure and conduct “win – win” negotiations. It also identifies how a negative negotiation philosophy can adversely affect any of your virtual or face-to-face negotiations.

Participants learn how to confidently plan “win – win” tactics in advance and control a negotiation so it builds trust, identifies interests, gains agreement and secures mutually beneficial outcomes in any one on one or small group conversation.

Participants outcomes:

  • Plan and structure negotiations to achieve win-win solutions
  • Understand the principles of how to negotiate for mutual benefit
  • Understand positive and negative behaviour in negotiation
  • Identify key options and trade-offs in negotiations
  • Define effective behaviours to remain positive in the most difficult negotiation
  • Know when I can, or should, say ‘no’
  • Close negotiations effectively

What our clients say

Great eye opener on the seemingly small things which make a great difference. Really applicable tools and ways of presenting them.

Anja Bourup, Learning and development consultant, Canon Europe

Thoroughly enjoyed the session and have learnt a lot. Definitely will be putting the learnings into practice.

Bhupen Solanki, Key Account Manager, BMS

Truly amazing and inspirational!