How We Do It

We support you to instantly apply new behaviours

Our virtual learning programmes blend unique learning and embedding touchpoints over a focused period of time. Our flexible programmes mean we can deliver any of our modules, in any blend of our 5 touchpoints, in any timeline – ensuring we can create the perfect learning programme for you.

Our 5 touchpoints create highly engaging learning pathways that are proven to greatly increase sustained long term behaviour change.


Our Learning workshops teach participants unique communication behaviours that are much more powerful than anything known to the majority of working professionals. We offer 3 Learning workshops – Individual Coaching, Small Group Workshops and Conference Energisers for larger groups.

Behaviour Change Workshops are highly interactive “deeper dive” practise sessions.

Our workshops are broadcast from a studio in Soho, London to ensure we can guarantee 24 hour streaming reliability and high-quality sound and image to any size audience, anywhere in the world.


Our exclusive Embedding App delivers directly to participants phones a programme of simple, structured direction and support in how to best embed new behaviours – from the moment participants return to work.

Coaching Clinics review behaviour change progress and focus on future action planning success.

Finally, we have 3 Testing Products – our Rehearsal Lab workshops, Real World Role Plays and Workplace Observations – that use various communication challenges or “role play” scenarios to assess participants behaviour change progress beyond the classroom.  

Throughout every Programme we provide full measurement of results and ROI. Please take a look at our amazing case studies that comprehensively evidence our successful behaviour change across many verticals and at all levels.

The Method is an exhilarating and bracing learning experience that delivers exciting and life changing training.