A unique virtual learning workshop proven to support a more inclusive workplace culture.

What is the DE&I Workshop Experience?

The DE&I workshop experience is a memorable virtual experiential development session that fuses real life, page-turning stories with interactive exercises to help participants understand the impact of the DE&I issues people face in the workplace.

Our highly engaging session explores how… “A small change of behaviour by you, can make a big difference for others” and guides participants to commit to delivering new actions to improve the everyday working experience about issues related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

It helps your people…

Think Differently

Increase awareness and understanding of DE&I issues people face.

Feel Differently

Increase empathy for some of the DE&I challenges people experience.

Act Differently

So we can support a more diverse, equal and inclusive culture.

How it works?

Teaser DE&I video
A teaser video introduces a real life DE&I story to ensure participants are engaged and motivated to attend the workshop.

The DE&I Workshop
A 90 minute highly interactive virtual or in-person workshop to facilitate peer to peer discussion and feedback about DE&I issues in the workplace and to ensure participants commit to delivering new actions.

Who is it for?

These workshops are perfect for leaders and managers to engage them in your DE&I initiatives and help them to understand how they can support their wider teams.

This was really an engaging experience. At times it was uncomfortable but not in a bad way. The discomfort made me more aware of the perspective of others.”

Sales Manager, EMEA

Powerful, Proven Results

95% agreed they will now THINK DIFFERENTLY about the DE&I challenges people face
91% agreed they now FEEL DIFFERENTLY about the DE&I challenges people may face
98% agreed they will ACT DIFFERENTLY or do something differently
83% average daily engagement rate
98% would recommend to others

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