Leading pharma Company presents with impact

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  • A pharma company needed presentation support leading up to a significant new strategy company wide
  • THE METHOD worked with the client to develop a tailored delivery approach
  • Outcomes were immediate, observable and led to a precedent for presentations within the organisation

Selling a vision

A leading global pharmaceutical company was gearing up to unveil a significant new strategy across the whole of their organisation. This was a crucial moment for them: the strategy was vital for shaping future direction support, and budget allocation across the company and therefore clear communication was necessary.

The team chosen to communicate this new strategy were composed of senior presenters from the product team, who although skilled in their technical roles, needed to enhance their presentation skills to effectively communicate and engage stakeholders at all levels of the business.

THE METHOD: The performance enhancing system, for professionals

As in theatre, face to face presentations have a stage, a performer, a rehearsed message and… a “live” audience that demands passion, conviction and excitement.

To support this new team the company bought in THE METHOD to deliver a training programme aimed specifically at honing their presentation skills to effectively “sell a vision”. This programme had two main components

1. THE TOOLKIT: THE PERFECT PRESENTER – a 180-minute virtual session revealed the secret skills used by the world’s greatest theatre actors to help participants consciously deliver knock out presentations that maximise engagement, are memorable and deliver results.

Participants learnt how to

  • Project gravitas and positive energy to grab and hold the attention of a large audience – before you even start speaking
  • Technically vary the pitch, tone and pace of the voice to sound more convincing and passionate – helping you communicate in a more compelling and memorable way.
  • Push the power of your voice to ensure people sit up, listen and take your message more seriously
  • Adjust energy to the dynamic of the audience – consistently change energy to control audience attention and engagement and, if necessary, increase energy to win back lost audiences.

2. THE STUDIO: REHEARSAL LABAn exciting 180 minute “in person”session where participants are treated like actors and given strong “directive” coaching. Participants practised new behaviours in a variety of challenging “deeper dive” practise exercises and received individual and group coaching and feedback to consolidate new skills and fine-tune their presentation impact in a safe, supportive environment.

The 5 Star Reviews

I estimated that I have presented/chaired/facilitated in over 5000 events or meetings since starting my career communicating about the development of medicines 25 years ago. But only today have I received speaker training on how to deliver presentations charismatically and effectively. The amazing team at The Method really put the medical affairs team through our paces today, to help us say what we need to say.


Measurable Enhanced Personal Performance and Improved Results

THE METHOD’s impact was immediate and impressive.

The team delivered the strategic announcement with fantastic impact throughout the organisation, securing a high level of engagement and support from stakeholders and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Individually participants reported dramatic improvements in their presentation impact, with all participants agreeing this was valuable in their role. One senior team member noted “10 out of 10. The programme delivered on my objectives and then some.”

The investment in THE METHOD proved to be valuable, meeting the immediate needs of facilitating a successful strategic announcement and contributing to the ongoing development of key personnel by equipping the team with lasting skills beneficial for future high stakes presentations and engagements.

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