Premier football team become perfect communicators

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  • The commercial team of a Premier League FC needed to present and gain agreement for an exciting, new business case – to both internal and external stakeholders
  • THE METHOD worked with the client to develop a programme which enabled participants to fully develop and embed exceptional communication skills for small group meetings and presentations
  • Outcomes were immediate, observable, and led to a precedent for meetings within the organisation

Selling a vision

A Premier League football club was gearing up to unveil a new business case to a variety of both internal and external stakeholders. This was an important moment for them: they needed to communicate the new vision clearly and ask/gain approval for it when conducting their meetings and presentations.

The team who would communicate this new strategy were composed of 13 professionals from the wider commercial team, who although skilled in their technical roles, needed to enhance their impact and presentation skills to effectively communicate and engage stakeholders at all levels. They also wanted to build and establish a consistent level of a “high standard” communication between the team.

THE METHOD: The performance enhancing system, for professionals

The ability to communicate clearly and powerfully is a life-essential skill. And actors are masters of communication.

Interestingly, 10 years ago, (in a previous life) the recently appointed Head of Marketing attended one of our performance enhancing programmes, and wanted his team to have the same exceptional learning experience that he had. To support the commercial team, the club bought in THE METHOD to deliver a training programme that enabled them to communicate with more confidence and conviction – supporting them in effectively presenting and gaining approval for their new business case. The programme had two main components:

A 180-minute session equipped participants with simple, revelatory skills and behaviours to consistently project and embody professional excellence and communicate any message with more power, presence, and authority.

An exciting 180 minute “in person” session where participants are given strong “directive” coaching. Participants practice new skills in a variety of challenging “deeper dive” practice exercises and received individual and group coaching and feedback to consolidate new skills and fine-tune their presentation impact in a safe, supportive environment.

Measurable enhanced personal performance and improved results

The team delivered the new business case with fantastic impact, securing high levels of approval for the new vision. They also received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both internal and external stakeholders.

Individually participants reported dramatic improvements in their meeting impact, with all participants agreeing this was valuable in their role. A team member noted it “was really, really effective in helping me understand how to best portray myself when speaking in group situations.“ Another stated, “I feel a lot more confidence in speaking in my role and presenting in large meetings“.

The investment in THE METHOD proved to be valuable, meeting the immediate needs of the team both confidently presenting and gaining approval for the new business case and contributing to the ongoing development of key personnel by equipping them with lasting skills to feel more comfortable and empowered that they can achieve preferable outcomes when pitching any new or complex business proposition in the future.

Enhanced performance results

100% of the participants agreed

  • they can immediately apply their new skills in the workplace
  • the programme has been valuable to their role
  • the programme delivered all their learning objectives
  • they would recommend the programme to their colleagues

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