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The Challenge

We were delighted when McCarthy & Stone approached us to help their sales teams develop and establish confidence selling face to face after a year of selling totally virtually during the pandemic.

The challenge was about re-engaging the sales team’s confidence and helping them regain the gravitas to deliver on a face to face basis again. The programme covered several locations across the UK, and reached out to over 100 different sales staff between July and September in 2021.

The participants were all experienced sales staff, but as with many sales teams in businesses hit by the pandemic they had had to adapt and were now delivering everything remotely. So the core aims of this programme were to establish and build on the skills they already had, and give them a new found confidence when coming back into the workplace.

Each group had a full day of face to face training covering personal and presentation impact. The two modules we focused on were:

  • Projecting authority and presence – we worked on open body language, eye contact and the really core fundamentals of non verbal communication.
  • Speak with conviction and impact – moving onto vocal technique we covered how to speak with conviction and impact, giving them the power and the variety of tone to really interest their audience and bring their message to life in any situation.

The impact of the training was really clear to see in the room. Not only did all the participants have a new found confidence they also had a solid technique and structure to work from when they transitioned back into face to face delivery.

The Results

Using The Method’s unique approach was a real eye opening experience for this group of people. And we’re exceptionally happy with the results and the feedback we received.

The client was also really pleased with the results and the tangible techniques the participants took back into the workplace. They were so pleased with the outcome they have asked us to collaborate and build another new programme to roll out in the new year.

The Programme