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Women in business - Building Confidence and Capability

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The Challenge

When a major American bank asked us to help them achieve their goal of injecting more gender diversity into the senior levels of their business, we put our thinking caps on straight away.

The Results

Originally a three-session programme over three days was delivered to five cohorts of 10 people. Now a 6 session programme delivered entirely remotely, and not just to women but nowe for single gender groups. The programme – Woman At Work – aimed to:

  • Inject gravitas, influence and presence into the female talent within the bank
  • Help them more effectively demonstrate their capabilities across the business
  • Increase confidence and conviction levels
  • Improve abilities to influence people through flexible communication styles

72% of participants rated themselves as Strong or Very Strong across all competencies by the end of the programme. Overall, there was a 39.6% improvement across the 6 key touch points. The 2 areas in which the participants demonstrated the highest level of development across the programme moving them from ‘unconfident’ (2) to ‘strong’ (4) are key to ‘gravitas’, ‘presence’ and influence:

  • Communicating a message or point of view with confidence and conviction
  • Instantly flexing communication style to influence others more effectively

Participants were asked to rate from 1–5 how they feel about the following statements:

The Programme