Large UK Bank

Inclusion Champions: Courageous Conversations

Diversity and inclusion

The Challenge

We were asked by a large UK bank to help with their Inclusion Champions programme, which included a large pre-identified group of people across the organisation tasked with the challenge of championing and supporting inclusivity. These people were from across the UK, from all divisions and the programme was part of the larger initiative.

However the bank was rightly aware that as part of this initiative their newly appointed ‘Inclusivity Champions’ might encounter some difficult or challenging conversations which they may find uncomfortable and could naturally shy away from.

The Results

Working closely with the client we designed a programme that incorporated dynamic virtual energiser sessions followed by individual access to our unique Embedding App. The aim of the programme was to encourage and empower the new team and give them the confidence to have these conversations and techniques to get a positive result.

The role of the Embedding App was to deliver a unique set of practical “in the flow of work” challenges and action planning prompts that provided a straightforward structure for the participants to embed new behaviours “on the go”.

The Embedding simulations as part of the programme really helped engage the participants by giving them opportunities to practice and test new behaviours in various “real world” role plays, simulations and workplace observations. Offering a great chance to understand potential difficult conversations and practice possible outcomes in a safe, learning environment.

The feedback from the participants was very positive with 92% agreeing that they would recommend this dynamic virtual energiser session to others.

The programme