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Partnering for progress

Welcome to a story of transformation and empowerment in the world of finance. Join us as we explore our partnership with a global financial leader, a bank operating in over 100 countries, employing a vast workforce of 200,000 individuals. Discover how our collaboration led to outstanding growth, enhanced skills, and empowered women in the financial sector.

Setting the stage: A vision for Success

In a fast-paced industry, this bank has ambitious goals – to challenge competitors, expand online services and foster diversity and inclusion. With a commitment to supporting women at work, they aligned with the UK government’s Women in Finance charter. Our mission? To craft a Personal Effectiveness training programme that would empower individuals, boost confidence, and nurture talent from diverse backgrounds.

Crafting transformation: tailored learning for every role

Our approach was hands-on and immersive, tailored to meet the unique needs of each participant. Over 200 individuals, carefully selected from various roles and over 600 applicants, embarked on a transformative journey. Through virtual workshops and personalised coaching, participants honed their skills in real-time, experiencing a remarkable 54% average improvement in performance.

Key outcomes

  • £4.0 Million in business impact (based on average industry salary)
  • 20x Return on investment
  • 75% Faster promotion
  • 4x Higher retention of top talent

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