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The Challenge

Global HR services and Payroll provider, Alight NGA approached us to help their teams transition effectively from face-to-face presentations into the virtual world. The 35 participants that we worked with were drawn from mixed roles and experiences across the client and sales management teams.

A key aim for the client was for their team members to be able to present a credible, confident, professional version of themselves at all times whilst delivering product and messages with impact, presence and simply not just reading from slides.

All of the participants were already extremely comfortable and experienced in presenting face to face. The real challenge was taking those skills and putting them into a virtual arena.

The client chose to work across 2 of our 5 key performance areas, with a programme tailored to their specific needs:

Across the course of two months we worked with them on several different engagements. Each delivery had both a learning and a coaching workshop with the final part of the programme being a one to one coaching session.

The Results

Over the course of the programme the participants really grew in confidence and saw the effectiveness of the techniques we were sharing with them when they applied them in real situations back in the workplace.

We had some very encouraging feedback from both the participants and the client. So much so that this particular client is looking to do a repeat programme later this year with their senior leadership team.

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The Programme